Smokeless and odorless cooking solutions

Healthy cooking with no odors and no smoke.

Your homemade dishes are undoubtedly delicious. However strong cooking odors that dwell in your home are less enjoyable.

The MagicCookware grill pan immediately eliminates odors, smoke and harmful fine dust.

The MagicCookware grill pan only works on a gas stove.


How does it work?

The Magic grill pan makes use of patented technology that captures cooking gasses in a ventilation inlet. These are then released to the bottom of the pan to the stove’s flames. Smoke, odors and fine dust are immediately extinguished, preventing them from spreading in your kitchen.

85% reduction of odor
99% reduction of fine dust

Sustainable and healthy cooking
with the MagicCookware grill pan

  • Cooking without odorsThe special grill pan diverts the cooking gases to the flame and immediately extinguishes them, reducing the strong odors in your kitchen.
  • Cooking without smokeSmoke and fine dust are also removed and prevented from being released in your kitchen.
  • Quick cooking with convection effectThe glass lid made with silicone retains all the heat in the pan, allowing to cook your dishes quicker and evenly.
  • Low-fat cookingCooking oils are collected at the bottom of the pan, reducing your dishes to be free of fatty oils. This also makes cleaning the pan easier.
  • Titanium non-stick layerA strong titanium layer allows for durable non-stick cooking. The pan consists of five layers which is ideal for cooking at high temperatures

Juicy meat and delicious fish

The MagicCookware grill pan is ideal for both meat and fish dishes. The technology allows your dish to be cooked evenly and gives it a delicious juicy texture.

Smokeless and Odorless non-stick frying grill pan

This innovative product complements the drawbacks of commonly used frying pans and grill pans by collecting fine dust, smoke, and smell and eliminates them by burning these elements.

The pan removes harmful substances enabling healthy cooking. It also reduces inconvenience caused by smoke and smell providing a comfortable and clean kitchen and indoor space.

The pan allows for quick cooking with its convection effect and catches health and taste at the same time through its oil outlet where fish and meat oils are removed. The pan can also be used to cook other dishes such as seafood and vegetables.

Product Features

Healthy Cooking Possible

Promotes healthy cooking through eliminating smoke and smells

Helps maintain a comfortable kitchen and indoor environment

Helps maintain a clean and comfortable indoor atmosphere by drastically reducing fine dust, smoke and food smells.

Fast cooking with convection effect

Silicon glass cover minimizes loss of internal heat, ensuring even cooking of the food on all sides, and reduces the cooking time.

Allows for low-fat cooking

Cooking oil is collected in the grooves on the bottom edge of the grill pan and is separated for easy cleaning.

Powerful titanium megastone coating

Megastone coating with titanium enabling excellent nonstick function. Heat and impact resistant and with strong durability.

Various dishes can be cooked

Fish, meat, seafood, potatoes, vegetables, and bread can be cooked.

Smokeless functional pan

The glass lid is composed with silicon helping seal the pan. Patented technology diverts the smoke and smell into the outlet, releasing the gasses at the bottom of the pan, operating like a chimney. These gasses are simultaneously eliminated during cooking.

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